Everybody's Golf to Receive PlayStation VR Version in 2019

The PlayStation golf game, part of the series that was once branded as Hot Shots Golf in the West, is coming to PlayStation VR, as Everybody's Golf VR.

Lost in the avalanche of announcements during Sony’s presentation at the Tokyo Game Show was Everybody’s Golf VR, a virtual reality version of their 2017 golf game. The series of which this game is a part of was once known as Hot Shots Golf in the West—the branding was dropped with the latest release, which also came out on mobile.

As Senior Producer Kentaro Motomura describes on the PlayStation Blog, this game will utilize the PlayStation VR headset. Using either the Dualshock 4 or the PlayStation Move controller, players can simulate the motion of swinging a golf club.

Everybody’s Golf VR is playable in a first-person view, with players finally able to observe the uneven terrain and read the direction of the wind in a more immersive manner than any previous game in the series has provided before. Like the previous games in the series, this game sports a cartoony art style.

This sports game will release sometime in 2019. In other pre-TGS news, Sony announced even more VR news, such as Kingdom Hearts: VR Experience, a VR version of Ace Combat 7, and a VR version of Space Channel 5.

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