Everyone, Meet the New PS3 Slim

Everyone, Meet the New PS3 Slim

*Cleans hands and wraps it in a towel*  So, I just finished punching the shit out of some mirrors and what not due to utter shock and excitement.  Why?  Oh, guess you haven’t heard that Sony got up today at the GamesCom stage and wrecked havoc on the industry by announcing the dwarfed PS3 Slim everyone’s been speculating about.  The goods?  Well, I’m glad you asked, my bewildered readers.  The oh-so-sexy slimmed down system is 33 percent smaller, 36 percent lighter, and uses 34 percent less power.  But wait, that’s not all.  Sony’s revamped PS3 sports a whopping 120 GB hard drive.  The price that you’ll be paying for this beauty?  A measly $299; and the best part is that it does everything its fat sibling does with the exception, of course, of playing PS2 games.  No backwards compatibility for you, Sony says.

You have every reason, now, to go get a PS3.  The argument of it being too “pricey” is no longer valid.  You’re getting a better looking, power saving system with a bigger hard drive that does everything the bulky PS3 version did… you’re just getting it at a much cheaper cost.  For those of you who’ve been waiting for a price drop, you got your wish and a sexier looking console.  The release date for the slim is scheduled to hit store shelves this September.  Oh, and because we adore you all soooo much, we’ve included some pics after the jump.  Whip out the Vaseline and a tube sock, boys.  Don’t want to rug-burn your wieners do ya?

Update: Just to clear the air a bit, there are some things that were never touched on when people broke news of the PS3 Slim.  For example, according to Engadget who has the system in their hands as we speak, the buttons on the front of the PS3 Slim are now physical and can actually be “clicked” rather than that sensative touch crap they had before.  The PS logo on the front (above the disc drive) no longer rotates which means one thing – if you decide to rotate your PS3 Slim to vertically stand on its ones, you won’t be able to rotate the cool-looking logo to match the position of the console.  Boooo!  Also, it is confirmed that the hard drive is swappable from the front by simply removing a screw on the bottom.  Niftyness!

5 responses to “Everyone, Meet the New PS3 Slim”

  1. Joel Taveras says:


    Color me surprised…NOT. OK, so they’ve finally entered the world of AFFORDABLE next gen gaming. Now What?

    Also, from the looks of it, no more HDD swapping (easily at least). Sony must be pretty sure 120gb is enough for everything.

    I’m wondering (now that it officially has the DTS-MA logo) if this SKU now comes with HDMI 1.3a so I can finally bitstream audio to my receiver the way it’s supposed to be done!!

    Either way it looks pretty sweet, and now MS and Nintendo fan-boys have no reason to jump on board!!

  2. Now I want to go out and trade in my old 40GB clunker for this sexy new model. Is there a cash-for-clunkers program for game consoles? 😉

  3. Al Zamora says:

    @ Chad – LOL

    WEll it’s Slim I will give it that, the worst kept secret ever.

  4. I think the PS3 Slim is even a worse kept secret than the PSP Go. Sony really needs to work on their info leak problem.