Everyone Wants to Go F2P – Including Everquest II

Everyone Wants to Go F2P – Including Everquest II


In the latest game to go to a free-to-play subscription model, Sony Online Entertainment announced today that they will be integrating the model into Everquest II‘s current pricing plans. While the game is going to be, I suppose, less F2P than other games that use that pricing model through and through, it is notable that they are adding the option.


The new option is called Everquest II Extended, and allows you to make use of many game features free of charge. The FAQ for the “free” version of Everquest II has this to say about the difference between the current pay-to-play subscription model and the new one:

“Extended is not a replacement to the live subscription service and while the game content is the same, access and restrictions are different between the two. Extended is a gameplay option targeted towards certain players who are willing to play within a limited feature-set service with additional content purchase and upgrade options, rather than pay for the full service via a standard monthly subscription. The live $15 EQII subscription service is unrestricted full access to the game world for those accounts in good standing, a valuable service, just as it has always been. The EverQuest II Extended service has restrictions based on your membership level. Limited access to the EQII Extended world and certain content is free, while other content, access, and items are available only for purchase.”

So, basically it is just another option in their list of subscription profiles. They’re also adding a one-year platinum membership for $200/year, which includes a bunch of extras, including a monthly allotment of Station Cash. Again, head on over to the FAQ for more details, including a “membership matrix” page that compares all the various pricing models and their benefits.