Everything, the Game that Lets You Control Almost Anything, Out Now on Steam

Everything, the Game that Lets You Control Almost Anything, Out Now on Steam

Developer David OReilly has now been working on his game Everything for over 3 years now. He’s only had the help of a few people along the way (including Double Fine who are publishing the game) and now the mysterious project is ready for the wild. The game is available for $14.99 USD on Steam with a 20% off promotion happening until April 28th.

OReilly is best known for his work in 2014’s Mountain, the true to a fault sim where you play as a gigantic, floating mountain. The game is known for its intentional minimalism with the promise on its Steam page of ‘no controls- automatic save, time moves forward, things grow and things die, nature expresses itself’ being a large crux of the experience.

For Everything, OReilly is hoping that players go into it with fresh eyes. In his announcement for the game’s release, he goes onto say:

Everything is a very different kind of game, and people will interpret it differently, but the best thing is to go in without any expectations. One thing to keep in mind is that there’s no wrong way to play it – it’s all designed so you can’t make a mistake.”

If you just need to know what it’s about, consider the following to contain mild spoilers. Basically the entire world is your playground: You can control anything you see in front of you including animals, trees, clouds, rocks.

As you move as an item, you will attract more of that specific thing, and you will travel in packs. Here, patterns will start to emerge that start to make sense the more you play. These ‘flocks’ of movement will have effects on other things in the world and you can swap between anything at any time.

Exploration extends beyond the ground as you go down into the oceans or move up into the cosmos. You can even move entire planets and rearrange the galaxy. You can even stop playing and ‘allow Everything to take over and produce a never ending documentary about the world you live in.’

With the scope of a playground filled with movable ‘anythings’, the game definitely lives up to its name. Will you be moving with the pack on this one?

Everything is also available for the PS4 as it released back in March.

The launch trailer is available below: