Everything We Know About Critical Role's Campaign 3 Characters

October 22, 2021

Critical Role’s newest long-term campaign, Campaign 3, introduces four new characters to the world of Exandria, with other familiar faces making a return.

The adventure begins, for the third time! Critical Role officially began its third major campaign on Oct. 21st. Taking place in the continent of Marquet, Campaign 3’s first episode brought a whole host of lively and chaotic characters.

Additionally, the campaign also introduced a new member to the table – Robbie Daymond, who had previously played in Critical Role’s mini-series Exandria Unlimited. Though, Critical Role has yet to confirm whether he’ll stay long-term or just in a guest role.

Now, here’s everything we know about Critical Role’s Campaign 3 characters, including their classes and any backstory information revealed so far. All character art is by Hannah Friederichs, @agarthanguide on Twitter and Instagram.

League of Legends | Dragonmancer 2021 Official Skins Trailer

League of Legends | Dragonmancer 2021 Official Skins Trailer


Introduced first, Laura Bailey plays Imogen Temult, a human sorcerer with cascading purple hair and a delicate Southern accent. Imogen displayed psychic abilities that allowed her to read the minds of those around her. So far, fans have theorized that Imogen took the Telepathic feat or is an Aberrant Mind sorcerer, a subclass published in Tasha’s Cauldron of Everything.

Critical Role Campaign 3 – Imogen Temult

Adventuring with her is Laudna, played by Marisha Ray. Enthusiastically spooky, Laudna is likely an Undead Warlock, a new subclass from Van Richten’s Guide to Ravenloft. Laudna is originally from Whitestone, the previous home of the Briarwoods and the current home of the de Rolos. Currently, she’s helping Imogen gain access to a conservatory in Jrusar for research.

Critical Role Campaign 3 Character – Laudna

Next is Ashton Greymoore, an adventurer-for-hire played by Taliesin Jaffe. Ashton is a non-binary earth genasi barbarian armed with a glass hammer. They seem to be a Wild Magic barbarian, able to cast magic like Chaos Burst while raging.

Critical Role Campaign 3 Character – Ashton Greymoore

With Ashton is Fresh Cut Grass, or FCG for short. Played by Sam Riegel, the lovable robot is a Cleric, most likely some sort of homebrew special to Campaign 3. FCG was created by a person named Dancer.

FCG was originally a member of an adventuring party that worked out of Bassuras. A few months prior to the start of Campaign 3, FCG’s party went to clear a mine of monsters, but all perished overnight – save for FCG. In the end, Ashton discovered FCG at the mine, and helped them save a few of the party’s automaton parts. They now work together in Jrusar for coin.

Critical Role Campaign 3 Character – FCG


Also at the table are four returning characters, three from Critical Role’s mini-series Exandria Unlimited. Air genasi Dorian Storm, played by Robbie Daymond, is a vibrantly charismatic bard from the College of Swords. Further, he is joined by satyr druid Fearne Calloway, who’s played by Ashley Johnson. Her subclass is the Circle of Wildfire, which only adds to the character’s chaos.

Following them is Liam O’Brien’s Orym, an Air Ashari halfling Battlemaster fighter. He had traveled to Marquet on Keyleth’s suggestion, and he along with Fearne and Dorian search Jrusar for a mysterious person named “The Anger.”

Lastly, joining the party is Sir Bertrand Bell, a level 5 human fighter played by Travis Willingham. Originally, Bertrand was first introduced in a live one-shot titled “The Search for Grog.” Now in Jrusar, Bertrand unites the other party members to him help proposition a local noble for a job. However, many fans speculate that this may not be Travis’ long-term character, but that is yet to be seen.

Critical Role Campaign 3 Characters – Bertrand

You can catch new episodes of Campaign 3 on the Critical Role YouTube or Twitch channel.

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