Everything You Need to Know About Hitman Episode 5 Including Gameplay Improvements

Everything You Need to Know About Hitman Episode 5 Including Gameplay Improvements

Square Enix updated the official Hitman blog with what fans can expect from Episode 5 “Freedom Fighters”, worldwide release on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, and PC September 26 4AM PDT.

The mission will take Agent 47 to Colorado in this “key episode for the game’s story and adds serious momentum to what has happened already”. Four major targets will be the highlight of the episode; Sean Rose, Maya Parvati, Ezra Berg, and Penelope Graves.

Episode 5: Colorado Release Notes:

  • New Destination: Colorado, USA.
  • New Story mission: Freedom Fighters
  • 6 new Opportunities for “Freedom Fighters”
  • 20 levels of Colorado Mastery, with the following unlocks:
  • 8 new Colorado ‘Starting Locations’
  • 9 new Colorado ‘Agency Pickup Locations’
  • 6 new weapon/gear unlocks
  • New suit for Colorado: Tactical Gear
  • 70+ Colorado-specific challenges
  • 7 new trophies/achievements
  • New ‘The Sarajevo Six’ Contract. Target 5: The Mercenary. (PlayStation 4 Exclusive)

Additional improves will also be found in Episode 5 including a contract search that allows players to search through contracts using text. Kill Conditions have also been added to the Contracts Mode.

The publisher details further:

When setting a kill condition, the Contract creator has the ability to enforce the kill methods ‘Melee’ and ‘Thrown Weapon’ in combination with a specific item, based on how they played when they created the Contract. This will require that the target is killed with the same item and method that the creator used. The selected kill conditions are part of the overall score objective bonus, and function as optional secondary objectives. Failing to complete any secondary objectives has a massive impact on your score and time bonus. Images have also been added that represent each Kill Condition. These can be viewed in the ‘Detailed Target View’.Note:

Dropping a target into a lake/sea will be classed as “Accident (Fall)”.
– The condition “Accident (Drown)” can only be accomplished by drowning a target in the toilet.
– “Elimination” and “Pistol” are two separate kill conditions. “Elimination” can be achieved when behind an NPC with a pistol equipped.

Contracts Mode – ‘Friends’ Filter

You can now filter Contracts to only show those created by your friends.

Friends Leaderboards

After completing any Contract (Story Mission, Escalation Contract, Elusive Target, Contracts Mode), you can now compare yourself directly with only your friends, as well as the existing ‘global’ option.

Elusive Target Countdown

The Featured Hub will now show a countdown for when the next Elusive Target will be available. Note: There will still be times when the ‘coming soon’ icon is shown between the times of an Elusive Target ending and the countdown for the next one appearing.

Instant Challenge Award

Challenges that require other challenges to be complete will now be awarded during gameplay. Previously, completing the final step of a multi-challenge challenge (e.g. Master Assassin) would award the challenge after the contract was completed.

UI Performance Improvements

Various improvements to the in-game UI have been implemented to improve overall game performance.

Adjustments to the Krugermeier 2-2 Pistol

– Increased the number of rounds in each magazine from 5 to 10.
– Updated the weapon description to be more accurate and consistent.

Adjustments to the Jaeger 7 Lancer

We have fixed a bug with the Jaeger 7 Lancer Sniper Rifle (Sapienza Mastery Level 20 unlock) that in some cases allowed the bullets to pass through level geometry.

Leaderboards Reset

The leaderboards for all Story missions, Escalation Contracts and Featured Contracts will be reset. A contributing factor to this reset was the adjustments to the Jaeger 7 Lancer, because some players have been able to achieve higher scores by killing NPC’s through level geometry.

Episode 5: Misc-Improvements

  • Simplified the in-game text for downloading new content. “Get access” is now displayed for all content that is not installed. A pop-up message will inform you what content you need to (re)download or purchase to get access.
  • The ‘Game Status Indicator’ (aka the small bar that says “Loading” or “Saving etc.) has been unified in terms of placement and design.
  • Challenges and Mastery are now only shown for a destination if you own the relevant episode / content.
  • The required Mastery Level to unlock a Starting Location or Pickup Location is now shown on the relevant tiles on the Loadout page.
  • The Challenge page has been updated so that Challenge Packs are now shown under the relevant destination, rather than having their own category. Elusive Targets still have their own category.
  • Updated the Menu UI to be more consistent with colours (red/black and white) when showing what content has been completed.
  • The outline of a selected menu item will now ‘pulse’ to make it easier to see what is selected.
  • When browsing the Mastery Level unlocks, the Weapon Perks icons will now be displayed.
  • The “Replan Mission” option when playing an Elusive Target has been updated with an accurate description.
  • Sarajevo 6 missions will now display a spoiler warning if the previous missions have not been completed (PlayStation 4 only)
  • Item and Weapon information in the Loadout and Career pages now use the detailed view, showing all perks and descriptions.
  • Images of 47’s selected suit in the Loadout and Career pages now use a portrait tile, to show more of the suit (and gloves!)

Additionally, Square Enix also knows about various issues and plan to fix them in the next update. This update will release “as soon as it is approved”.

You can check out some screenshots from the episode below: