Everything You Wanted to Know About the 3DS, and Then Some

The release of the Nintendo 3DS is just around the corner; March 25th to be exact! That’s right, we finally have a concrete release date! At launch the system will be available in Cosmo Black or Aqua Blue and will retail for $249.99. The system features a 3D depth slider that will allow you to change the amount of 3D present in the game, and you can turn it off completely if you don’t want it (maybe you can’t see it, or perhaps the game just doesn’t implement it very well). Read on to find out more.

Two optional features are the StreetPass and SpotPass systems. StreetPass will exchange data with other 3DS systems that you pass as you walk around, such as high scores, custom maps, Mii data, etc. The SpotPass will connect to compatible wifi hotspots to download new updates or new content, even while the system is in sleep mode.

The 3DS features three built in cameras; one points at the user, and two point away and are capable of taking 3D images. The camera is utilized in a built-in game on the system called Face Raiders which has you shooting at images of your own face. When in sleep mode, the 3DS can act as a pedometer which will earn you Coins for each step you take, which can be traded in for additional content for the 3DS or with compatible games.

Miis will be returning, and you can either create a new one using the new Mii Maker, import one from your Wii console with an SD card, or take a picture and have a depiction of the person made as a Mii. A variation of the Virtual Console from the Wii will also be available through the Nintendo eShop and will initially pull games from the Game Boy and Game Boy Color catalogues.

As for media, the system can play 3DS games as well as regular DS games. For memory, the 3DS features an SD slot and comes bundled with a 2GB card. You will be able to transfer games you’ve downloaded from the DSiWare shop to your 3DS using a service that will be available some time after launch.

That’s your info-dump, and now you know almost everything there is to know about the 3DS. With the release coming up very soon, we now have a good knowledge of just what the system is capable of and comes with and which games we’ll be able to buy. The only question now is how badly do you want it? I’m willing to bet the answer is “very”.

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