Evil Dead Star Bruce Campbell Isn't Saying No to a New Evil Dead Game

A new Evil Dead videogame may not be out of the question, with iconic actor and producer Bruce Campbell noting there is definitely a chance.

By Lou Contaldi

January 13, 2019

Classic horror movie fans can breathe a sigh of relief: Evil Dead‘s signature star and Executive Producer Bruce Campbell isn’t saying no to the idea of a new Evil Dead videogame. While it is far from a firm confirmation, any fans of the Sam Raimi horror series can hold on to a glimmer of hope for a new console game.

News comes by way of Twitter, when a fan of the game tweeted at Bruce Campbell asking if we will ever see a new Evil Dead game:

In the picture, we see some of the series signature pieces: 2000’s Evil Dead: Hail to the King (PC, PSX, and SEGA Dreamcast), 2003’s A Fistful of Broomstick (PC, PS2, and Xbox), and Regeneration (PC, PS2, and Xbox).

While the Tweet itself is a throwback to some horror and action games that have been largely forgotten, we got something better — an unexpected response from Bruce Campbell. Giving a short and sweet one-word reply from his verified Twitter account, Campbell isn’t counting out the chance of a new Evil Dead game:

While actors’ opinions on business practices and licensing deals are almost always disregardable, there are a few reasons this could be a legitimate glimmer of hope for those rooting for a new game. First, Bruce Campbell is a name nearly tantamount to the Evil Dead series — he has played a part in every one of Sam Raimi’s classic horror films, whether we are talking The Evil DeadWithin the Woods, or the silver-screened Ash vs Evil Dead. If there is one actor who knows the ins-and-outs of the franchise, it would be Campbell.

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Meanwhile, Campbell isn’t only an actor for the series — he has taken on the role of Executive Producer on nearly every Evil Dead project. Though the franchise has more than a few interested parties and IP holders, Campbell is not a minor player in the business end of things.

While the horror franchise has been largely untouched on consoles since 2005, it isn’t to say there haven’t been games. The Sam Raimi series has had limited success on iOS and Android with games like Army of Darkness: DefenseEvil Dead: The Game, and Endless Nightmare.  A mainline console release for the series would be without a doubt appreciated by horror film purists and aficionados.

Even better, there is a terrific baseline that demonstrates these games are popular. Despite the legal troublesFriday the 13th: The Game by developer IllFonic is a cult classic and easily showcases an interested market.

Either way, this is all hopefull wishing until Bruce Campbell, Evil Dead‘s property-holder, or a developer decides to take action. In the meantime, you can scratch your console-based horror kicks by trying out the Resident Evil 2 remake demo for the release right around the corner.

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