Evil Genius 2 is in Development for PC Rebellion Confirms

Evil Genius 2 is in Development for PC Rebellion Confirms

Evil Genius 2 from Sniper Elite dev is real and coming soon to PC.

Back in 2004 strategy simulation Evil Genius from developer Elixir Studios and publisher Sierra Entertainment hit PC and slowly as time passed cemented itself as a bit of a cult-classic.

Then in 2006 (a year after the aforementioned studio’s closure), developer Rebellion Developments — the team behind the Sniper Elite series — purchased the rights to the intellectual property. Despite buying the IP, Rebellion sat on it for quite some time aside from rereleasing the title on digital platforms. Then in 2010 — out of nowhere — the game released on the Facebook app. A game that took the IP and applied it to the very-popular (at the time) FarmVille formula, Evil Genius: WMD was received very, very negatively. But following it was another unpopular take on the IP: Evil Genius Online, which released on Facebook in 2015 and then on mobile devices. Evil Genius Online shut down on February 6, 2017.

In the past Rebellion had stated that it was shipping a proper sequel around to publishers, but no one was interested. That being said, the UK developer said it was still going to make the game happen, and “soon.”

All of that being said, today — in a new video — Rebellion confirmed they are developing Evil Genius 2, which is not a remaster, but a “fully-fledged sequel.” Better yet: it won’t be free-to-play. According to the developer it is currently focusing only on a PC release, but it is looking into other platforms.

For those that don’t know, Evil Genius is a Dungeon Keeper-like title set in an alternative 1960’s-70s era. In the game players play as a evil force that is attempting to achieve global domination. Gameplay consists of a split between management of a base and completing “acts of infamy.”

A release date hasn’t been divulged. Below, you can check out the new aforementioned video: