The Evil Within 2 Updates with Akuma Difficulty Mode and Cheats

The Evil Within 2 Updates with Akuma Difficulty Mode and Cheats

Linking your account to The Evil Within 2 will unlock a new difficulty level, Akuma, as well as cheats to help you complete it or just have fun

A new update for The Evil Within 2 adds a new difficulty level named Akuma as well as unlocks cheats for the player to utilize if you sign up for Bethesda’s website.

You see, these two additions are only available if you link your copy of The Evil Within 2 to your account, which is easy enough. Give your email, create a username and password, answer a security question, and boom you’re finished. With this account you can link to Facebook or Twitch as well as purchase Bethesda games directly from the publisher. The Evil Within 2 is curiously still $59.99 on their storefront, despite releasing in late 2017.

Sign up for a account or link your existing account to receive:
• The AKUMU Difficulty Level to challenge the most die-hard players.
• New gameplay options including Infinite Stamina, One-Shot Kills, and Invincibility.

An update earlier this year introduced a first-person mode and has received Xbox One X support. You can always read our review of the game that said, “The Evil Within 2 often feels like a substantially different game than its predecessor, but for the large part, it works in the game’s favor.”