Evolution Veterans Wushu Studios’ First Game Is “Primarily Single-player, Narrative-Driven”

Evolution Veterans Wushu Studios’ First Game Is “Primarily Single-player, Narrative-Driven”

Wushu Studios, formed by Driveclub and Motorstorm Veterans, is working on a primarily single-player game aiming to hit a high bar for graphics and audio.

Following the unfortunate closure of Driveclub and Motorstorm developer Evolution Studios, some of its veterans, led by Driveclub Audio Director Alan McDermott, created a new team named Wushu Studios in Liverpool, UK. Almost nothing has been shared so far about their first game currently in development, besides the fact that it’s a sci-fi title.

Today, we finally learn more. DualShockers sat down with McDermott himself, who is now Wushu’s Studio Head, and he provided a few more pieces for the puzzle.

He mentioned that we can “look forward to a primarily single-player, narrative-driven experience”. On top of that, we also hear that the studio is setting a high bar for production values, both in graphics and audio, which isn’t too surprising given the team’s heritage.

The game is currently being developed in Unreal Engine 4. For the moment no platforms have been confirmed as the studio is still in talks with publishers. That being said, they have extensive experience in developing across all major platforms.

While the good folks at Wushu are still working on the “what, when and how’s” of the reveal, for now, the plan is to finally show something more “a little later this year.”

Personally, I can’t wait. And if you feel the same, stay tuned for the full interview, which will come tomorrow here on DualShockers.