Evolve Breaks Peak Player Count Records After Going Free-To-Play

on July 9, 2016 2:15 PM

Turtle Rock Studios recently turned multiplayer shooter Evolve into free-to-play game. It was re-released as a beta on June 7th and became known as Evolve Stage 2.

The past couple of months from February to June see peak players hitting less than 900 per month at its best. Since the decision to change to a free-to-play model, the peak player count has hit its highest since launch, now currently sitting at 40,803, which according to Steam charts marks a 1194.51% increase in player activity. This contrasts highly to the initial launch number where the peak player count hit just around 27,000.

The game is also currently enjoying a place on Steam’s most played games at number twelve, sitting under titles like Rust, Team Fortress 2 and GTA V.

While the original retail Evolve is still available for purchase on PS4 and Xbox One, Take Two have stated it will take some time before the new model reaches consoles.