Evolve’s Title 5 Update Adds a New Map, Hunter and More

Evolve’s Title 5 Update Adds a New Map, Hunter and More

A new update is available now for the PS4, PC and Xbox One shooting game Evolve.

The update adds a new playable hunter in the form of Jack, a Trapper with unique abilities and weapons to make for a fresh play experience. Additionally, the update adds a new map in the Murder Pits and rebrands the Hunt mode as Hunt 2.0, as detailed in full below:

We’re excited to introduce Hunt 2.0, which includes significant improvements to the matchmaking, user experience, and revamped leaderboards while playing Hunt mode. This mode was built in part on desires expressed by the Community. Specific new features introduced in Hunt 2.0 include:

· You can now play exclusively as Monster or Hunter;

· You will never join a match in progress;

· Improved matchmaking that incorporates skill level;

· Revamped leaderboards that divide players among five divisions, with tiered rankings within each division;

Improvements to Observer Mode

You’re going to want to capture all those incredible gameplay moments with this new update. As such, after reading all the feedback we’ve received, we’ve made some major improvements to Observer Mode. This mode now includes information such as when Trapper has Domed the Monster and a minimal mode for an improved viewing experience. A complete list of improvements can be found in the Patch 5.0 Notes.

Core Gameplay Balance Improvements

This is one of the biggest balance patches Evolve has ever had. Like many other features this update, we’ve worked hard to address feedback and develop creative new ways to enhance gameplay in Evolve. This update, the meta is Evolving (pun intented).

– One of Evolve’s biggest balance patches with changes to Monster abilities and Hunter jetpacks.

– Improved, fast-deploying domes!

– Major changes to some of the Community favorites such as Bucket and Torvald coupled with an improved Behemoth.

– These changes to the core gameplay will give both Hunters and Monsters a whole new (and more balanced) world to hunt in.

New screenshots and a new trailer showing off some of this exciting content have been released and you can take a peek at it below.