Ex-Blizzard Employee Says That “Racial Abuse and Discrimination” Forced Him to Leave the Company

Ex-Blizzard Employee Says That “Racial Abuse and Discrimination” Forced Him to Leave the Company

It has come to light that a former employee at Blizzard received numerous sexist and racial comments that continued without being dealt with, which has now lead the ex-Blizzard staff member to make a statement

Jules Murillo-Cueller, who started his employment at Blizzard in 2013, has spoken out about his treatment at the company when he became a part of the Hearthstone esports team in 2016 In a Tweetlonger post, Jules felt the need to clear up his side of why he left Blizzard and why the announcement this week of Overwatch character Soldier 76 being gay, triggered and angered him into taking action.

Mr. Murillo-Cueller has apparently already gone to the point of filing a federal complaint and has got in touch with the Equal Employment Opportunity Commission because of what he states he had to put up with during his employment. He felt like now was the right time to publicly tell his side of the story due to Blizzard’s apparent stance of “inclusion and representation” in making Soldier 76 gay, which Jules fired back with “The idea of inclusion, of representation, and “every voice matters” and “think globally” never meant that for me and other people of color I have spoken to. Because up until recently—in the last 2 years—has the community had some representation and initiatives. But are we really represented?”.

This all started when Jules gained a full-time position on the Hearthstone esports team where he claims he was intentionally left out of meetings and calls about important components of the then-current tour and that a woman named Gemma would “joke about my sexism or natural inclination to be sexist, due to my [Mexican] heritage.”

“The assumption because that… my attitudes, beliefs were that of a Mexican machista (male chauvinist). I didn’t make much of this since she said it ‘in jest’ but this would weigh on me.”

Throughout his post, Murillo-Cuellar accused Gemma Barreda, a strategic planning manager at Blizzard Entertainment, of continued sexist remarks and when he brought it up to his supervisors he was told that he was just being moody and to not pay attention to it. It was left that it would be taken care of, but unfortunately, that never happened and the abuse carried on.

With his manager and Gemma Barreda receiving promotions, Jules started to slip into a deep depression and suffered panic attacks due to the feeling that he had “become the team’s punching bag”, still not being asked to attend meetings and also having to work into the early hours of the morning, it started to get too much for Jules and he even contemplated suicide. Murillo-Cuellar also claimed that “other current and former alumni have confessed similar or worse treatment and nothing being done.”

“Most people didn’t know why I departed Blizzard Entertainment” Jules expressed “but I couldn’t stand idly while others didn’t have the slightest clue why my vitriol towards a company I truly loved and that I poured everything to only be shown the backdoor. I had filed the federal complaint, this is public knowledge, and nobody can tell me I cannot share what happened to me personally.”

Blizzard have certainly been hitting the news lately in a pretty negitive manner as it was only last week when reports came in about Overwatch player “Ellie” being reported as a fake persona with then Blizzard making a statement that they didn’t know anything about this incident beforehand nor ran any prior background checks. Blizzard have yet to make any kind of comment on Jules Murillo-Cueller’s allegations, but we will be sure to report on it when they do.