Ex-Irrational Games Developers Launch Kickstarter for The Black Glove

October 6, 2014

Day For Night Games, a collective of former Irrational Games developers who worked on Bioshock and Bioshock Infinite, have launched a Kickstarter for a new game titled The Black Glove.

The game is a surreal looking narrative game, putting players in a 1920s theater named The Equinox. The Equinox is unstuck from conventional reality, with bizarre things like spots of reversing time, dream logic and holes in space populating the setting.

Three main creators exist in The Equinox in the form of an artist, a musician and a filmmaker. Their works are in pretty horrendous shape upon your arrival and taking a metaphysical toll on the theater. Essentially, all the crazy dream logic and the scrambling of time are being caused by the dishevel. As the latest curator of The Equinox, you must accomplish feats by beating games of skill or chance in the form of old school 80s coin-op style games. Accomplishing these feats let you utilize the titular Black Glove to mess with the fourth dimension and alter the creators medium, message and muse to create profound changes in their artistic displays.


Changing the creators can lead from an x-ray art exhibition becoming a giant kaiju corpse displays. Constantly messing with the world can lead to several different outcomes and lets players directly alter the narrative that can lead to very entertaining results. Essentially, The Black Glove’s world altering makes Bioshock look pretty tame by comparison.

You can checkout the Kickstarter to show your support, as the developers are seeking $550,000 to fund the project for release on PC, Mac and Linux late in 2015. As of writing, the project has over 350 backers and $11,000 raised and slowly climbing. Checkout some screenshots below to see if it is your kind of crazy.

Andrew Matt

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