Ex-Valve Business Chief Jason Holtman Moves to Oculus Team

Ex-Valve Business Chief Jason Holtman Moves to Oculus Team

Valve business chief Jason Holtman has started working at Oculus, the company has announced.

Prior to his position at Oculus, Holtman had worked at Microsoft on PC gaming, but quit last year. While working at Valve, Holtman was part of the team that helped build Steam’s digital distribution service.

In a statement, Holtman expressed his excitement about the possibilities that VR technology offered in terms of exploration and immersion.

For me, [arcades were] all about Battlezone – simple, bright line geometry, enemy tanks, and mountains off in the distance. That feeling when you grabbed the dual joysticks and pressed your face to the viewfinder was transformative. It was unlike anything else you could play.

Battlezone is widely regarded as one of the first VR games, and looking back, those mountains still excite me. I want to fly, walk across alien landscapes, and nose around the Great Pyramids. And that’s the most telling thing about VR: the possibilities are obvious, immediate, and endless.