Exclusive Mass Effect 3 PSN Pre-Order Bonuses Announced

Exclusive Mass Effect 3 PSN Pre-Order Bonuses Announced

Last week, EA’s PC platform Origin announced their pre-order bonus for Mass Effect 3 which includes a free copy of Battlefield 3. This news left everyone without a decent PC gaming rig (SEE: me) crying in the corner. Luckily this week, PlayStation 3 owners can also get in on the pre-order action.

This week’s PSN update gives folks the ability to plunk down their $59.99 to be able to download the game day and date when it becomes available in stores on March 6th. If you take advantage of pre-ordering you’ll be receiving the exclusive “M55 Argus Rifle”, which will “compliment your in-game experience” according to Jessica Merizan from BioWare.

Also up for grabs is an exclusive theme for your PS3. Not only do you get the standard Commander Shepard, you also get everyone’s favorite ginger — fem Shep. Something that should be noted is that once the game launches these pre-order bonuses will not be available to download so if you are interested you’ll have until 11:59pm on March 5th to pull the trigger.

Pre-order bonuses are quickly becoming the video game equivalent to first world problems… time to choose wisely.

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