PS4/PS Vita Exclusive Exile Election Gets First 1080p Screenshots, Info and Trailer; Reveals the Cast

PS4/PS Vita Exclusive Exile Election Gets First 1080p Screenshots, Info and Trailer; Reveals the Cast

Nippin Ichi Software's recently-announced game for PS4 and PS Vita sounds seriously creepy.

Today Nippon Ichi Software released the first batch of direct feed screenshots of its upcoming visual novel/adventure game, “Tsuiho Senkyo” that translates as “Exile Election.”

Tge game begins with a group of people standing at the entrance of an amusement park, suddenly, a monster appears and begins to eat them. When the hunger of the monster is sated, only twelve are left. What’s worse is that those twelve are the only remaining members of the human race. A creepy mechanical doll announces that she cannot allow everyone to survive, so the twelve people are going to be reduced to two, that will have to be selected.

The world has been devastated by monsters that have turned the human race into their food, and the only place left to go is the amusement park named “Alice Land.” The only way to have a chance to survival is to take part in the “Exile Election” game organized by the doll named Alice.

The protagonist, Kaname Ichijo, is taking part in the election to get revenge over the people who “exiled” his sister during the first “election.” During the game he will explore the nature, relationships, past and  weaknesses, gathering information on the participants to the “election” held every three days.

He will act with any mean possible, deceiving others, taking advantage of their weaknesses and pretending to be a friend in order to achieve his revenge.

He acts calm and collected, hiding his vengeful nature. He is affected by Synesthesia, giving him the ability to recognize words as color. That means that he sees lies as red.

His sister, Misa, has been “exiled” during the previous election. She used to be a bright girl, and a mood maker. She even watched over the relationship between his brother and his childhood friend Ichika, but after being exiled during the first election, she was preyed upon by the monsters and died.

Ichika Hoshi is Kaname’s childhood friend. She absolutely trust him and she is willing to do whatever she can for him.

Another relevant character is Nori, a pure and innocent girl that lost her memory. She doesn’t understand word and she behaves like a little kid. Ichika aims to protect her.

Miori Himeno and Yuri Himeno are sisters. Miori is gentle and dislike hurting others, so she doesn’t want to take part in the election. Yuri has a similar personality but sometimes she is too pessimistic.

Michimune Isurugi is Yuri’s best friend. Confident in his physical strength, he aims to protect Yuri and Miori.

Asie and Kasha Tadenomiya are twin sisters. They have an old-fashioned mannerism and they’re much smarter than their age. They’re not interested in hanging out with anyone else than their former tutor, Hakushu.

Hakushu Isumi  is the former neighbor and tutor of Asha and Kasha, he’s quite liked by the two. He is affected by a chronic disease, and always carries pills in a portable case.

Iduki Ayara is very aggressive towards other people. He is isolated among the rest of the participants, but he doesn’t really care.

Issei Ninchoji is a young man that used to work at a famous restaurant. Quite sociable, as the elder he always tries to collaborate with others.

Shihori Yurizono is a lone wolf, indifferent to others, she has no motivation to participate in the election, and she doesn’t appear to be obsessed with her own survival. She has bad eyesight and should wear glasses, but she normally does so.

Last, but not least, Alice is a mysterious mechanical doll who calls herself the manager of the survivors of the human race. Although her motives are unknown, she holds the “Exile Election” and she appears to enjoy the process quite a bit.

Exile Election will be released on April 27th in Japan, exclusively for PS4 and PS Vita. You can check out the screenshots and art of all the characters below, alongside the first trailer showing the opening cutscene and theme song.