Exit the Gungeon Shoots for Nintendo Switch Later Today

Players can pick up Exit the Gungeon on Switch today, according to the announcement from the Nintendo Indie World presentation.

During its Indie World Showcase today, Nintendo announced that Exit the Gungeon is heading to Switch. The game, an immediate sequel to 2016’s Enter the Gungeon, has been out since last September, although only on mobile platforms. This is the game’s first non-mobile release, with the Steam version (which was previously set for a May release) also coming later today alongside the Switch version.

Exit the Gungeon is nearly identical to its predecessor, although there are some key differences. The game is a 2D side-scroller that sees our gungeoneers taking an elevator to escape the gungeon. In between is everything you would expect; you can arm yourself with a variety of wacky weapons, enemies shower you with waves of bullets, and bosses make the game a full-on bullet hell. You get short breaks from the action by stopping on different floors, which can be treasure rooms with new weapons or shops.

While Exit the Gungeon is available on the Nintendo eShop today, you may not be able to pick it up just yet. Nintendo’s online services have been reporting failures for much of the day. Specifically, Nintendo Online and the Nintendo eShop have both become unaccessible for some periods of time in different regions. Personally, I have been able to access the eShop on my Switch, although searching for Exit the Gungeon turns up no results. And although you can find an entry for the game on the eShop’s website, there aren’t any options to purchase it yet.

While Exit the Gungeon isn’t available at this time of writing, it should be showing up on Nintendo’s eShop later today, assuming the service goes back online.

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