Exo One Heading to Xbox Series X and PC Holiday 2020

This looks so relaxing.

Last night’s Xbox Games Showcase included a range of titles being showcased to be heading to the Xbox Series X. Exo One was one announcement that introduced some next-generation gameplay through its announcement trailer.

Exo One is being developed by Exbleative and in October last year, the developer announced that the title had been in development for 3 years. It was also only revealed to be heading to PC at that moment in time. The game finds players taking control of an alien craft that’s capable of manipulating gravity as well as transforming into a ball to roll down terrain.

The developer has worked on titles such as Zombie Outbreak Simulator and Dirt Track Racing. He has worked on Unknown Orbit which was his first solo creation. It seems as if it was the game that started laying down the foundations for his second solo project, Exo One.

At current, the Steam page says that the single-player game is “coming soon” and last night, the trailer for the Xbox Series X announcement showed off gameplay of this weird spacecraft thing flying over weather-beaten lands and oceans. The graphics are certainly stunning to look at and the moments the craft flies through the clouds look lovely.

The game has a minimalist narrative that focuses on man’s first journey outside the solar system, and appears to find the player tracking some signal of sorts. Players get to glide over alien landscapes and skim across the water as they build up momentum. The worlds are said to be open-world and the player is free to travel at their own pace with no challenges or enemies to worry about.

Really, it looks as if it’ll be a relaxing, hypnotic type of game that you can just explore and marvel at the world. Exo One has been announced to be arriving sometime in Holiday 2020 to PC and Xbox Series X.

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