ExoHydraX Banned From Twitch (May, 2021) - Reason & Ban Length

The Hot Tub meta is taking over Twitch and users are very conflicted!

By Kyle Knight

May 10, 2021

It looks like ExoHydraX has been banned from Twitch after her very first hot tub livestream. DualShockers have got the exact reason for the ban and how long it will be until HydraX can return to the platform.

Hot tub streams are quickly taking over Twitch, with some supporting them, and others saying they simply do not belong on the streaming platform. Regardless of opinion, although they do not break the Twitch ToS, they have resulted in a lot of streamer bans.

Many of the bans come from wardrobe malfunctions during the hot tub stream, you can read about one of them at the link below.

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Who Is ExoHydraX?

ExoHydraX is a partnered Twitch streamer and competitive Call of Duty player. In recent times, ExoHydraX has moved into the ‘just chatting’ category of Twitch and has become more of a social media star.

ExoHydraX Banned From Twitch

First reported by @StreamerBans, ExoHydraX was banned from Twitch on May 9. Twitch has yet to comment on the streamer’s ban, and likely won’t.

However, in a now-deleted Tweet, ExoHydraX did in fact reveal the email she received from Twitch which stated the reason for her ban. In the email, Twitch stated the reason for the ban was because of ‘sexually suggestive conduct’.

There’s no way to pinpoint exactly what part of Exo’s hot tub stream was classed as ‘sexually suggestive’ without speculating. But the ban definitely seems like a strange one when Twitch has gone on record to state that hot tub streams do not go against their terms of service.

Twitch also pointed out that Exo’s suspension length would be for 3 days, meaning she may return from May 12, 2021.

More Twitch Bans

If you want to keep up to date with all of the latest news and drama surrounding Twitch bans and NoPixel bans, make sure to check back in at DualShockers regularly.

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