Expand Is a Rotating Labyrinth and It Has Launched onto PlayStation 4 Today

Expand Is a Rotating Labyrinth and It Has Launched onto PlayStation 4 Today

UKIYO Publishing, and developers Chris Johnson and Chris Larkin, have brought the ever-turning labyrinth title Expand to PlayStation 4 today.

London-based independent game publisher UKIYO Publishing has announced the launch of its debut project, Expand, for PlayStation 4. The title by Chris Johnson and Chris Larkin originally released on Steam in September 2015, but now has officially made its way to consoles.

In Expand, you must navigate a labyrinth of rotating, expanding, and twisting stages. You control a pink square in this 2D minimalist world, as the environment continuously turns, changing the make-up of the labyrinth with each moment. The environment’s aim is to disorient you and harm your precious square. You will need to reach deep into a meditative state and find each stage’s pattern in order to progress.

UKIYO Publishing was founded at the beginning of 2017, culminating the experience of over ten years working in the video game industry. Co-Owner of UKIYO Martin Hann says that he feels honored that bringing Expand to the PlayStation 4 was the team’s first project, also noting that it was “a pleasure” to work with developers Chris Johnson and Chris Larkin.

Expand is now available on PlayStation 4, PC, Mac, and Linux. For more information on the game, you can visit its Steam page or check out the publisher’s website.

Below is the most recent trailer released for Expand, featuring some of the complex and tranquil stages that players will experience.