New Experimental Game To Leave Will Be Released on April 24th for PS4

New Experimental Game To Leave Will Be Released on April 24th for PS4

To Leave is an experimental platform game that focuses on the mental illness of the main character and his struggle to find peace.

This week, Freaky Creations Creative Director, Estefano Palacios posted on PlayStation’s blog about the studio’s upcoming release of To Leave.  The game is a unique platformer that will focus on the struggles and stigma of mental illness.

The story is about Harm, a manic-depressive teenager, who plans to use a magic door to solve all of his troubles, and those of his world, once and for all. Palacios writes,

In To Leave, players will experience what it feels like being Harm at this crucial moment of his life: a deeply conflicted, half-lucid, half-insane teenager with muddled thoughts but with one very clear intention in his heart: peace for himself, and peace for his world.

While the game and its puzzles will seem very easy at the beginning, Palacios claims that it will get progressively very difficult as players continue to master challenges. Each section of the game was hand painted and has unique aesthetics.  You can view some screenshots of the game from PlayStation in the gallery below.

This is the first game from the developer, and they have been working on it for the past six years.  It is also one of the first Ecuadorian games to launch on a PlayStation platform.

To Leave will be released on April 24th on PS4, but you can pre-order now for a discount and some extra perks.