Explore, Create, and Defend in Eden Rising: Supremacy, Coming to Steam

Explore, Create, and Defend in Eden Rising: Supremacy, Coming to Steam

Eden Rising: Supremacy allows players to join together in this open world tower-defense game, coming to Steam Early Access May 17.

Canadian developers Meridian 4 and Nvizzio Creations have announced Eden Rising: Supremacy, a new game with world-tower defense tactics in an open multiplayer world on an alien planet. The game has unique co-op opportunities starting up to eight players and will release on May 17, 2018 for Steam’s Early Access program.

The open worlds of Eden Rising: Supremacy includes four square miles of area that include four different biomes. These are expected to expand as the game continues to be developed. Players can expect around 30 hours of gameplay, with additional endgame features to play with as well. As of the Steam Early Access release, the game will offer 8-player co-op, but will be expanded to 16 players in co-op when the game enters its official release.

Nvizzio’s lead designer, Brent Ellison, had some words to say on his team’s new game. He stated:

Eden Rising is the perfect co-op game for friends and online communities. You and your friends will explore an incredibly beautiful alien world, craft dozens of items and triumph over tough tower defense challenges. At the start of early access, up to 8 players will be able to share their own persistent version of Eden and we can’t wait to hear their stories. We have an extremely ambitious roadmap for Eden Rising and strongly believe that game development should be a collaborative process alongside the players. We are truly looking forward to engaging with the community to make Eden Rising the best and most creative game it can be.

Defend yourself in Eden Rising: Supremacy, coming to Steam Early Access on May 17, 2018. Want to see what the game is like? Then check out the new trailer below: