Extra Life Charity Gaming Event Was a Huge Success

Extra Life Charity Gaming Event Was a Huge Success


For those who haven’t heard of Extra Life, it’s a marathon gaming fundraiser put on by Sarcastic Gamer. They started it three years ago, and each year has been an even larger success than the previous years.

The basic idea is that anyone, anywhere, can participate by marathon gaming for 24 hours – preferably 24 hours straight, with no sleep, but those who have other responsibilities like family or work can break it up into two chunks of time. Many participants chose to get together in a group and have a 24-hour LAN party, and many also chose to broadcast their stream over sites like Justin.tv. Participants collect pledges from their friends and family members, and all proceeds from the event go to the Children’s Miracle Network, and those who raise at least $192 for the charity get a free t-shirt from Sarcastic Gamer.

Concluding at 8 AM today, Extra Life raised more than it did in its first two years combined; according to the website’s stats, the 2008 event raised about $120,000; the 2009 one raised about $170,000; and this years total was a whopping $423,877.

Say what negative things you want about gamers; at least you can’t say they’re stingy when it comes to a good cause.

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