Fable Developer Lionhead Unveils First Cancelled “Incubation” Project

on September 24, 2014 7:27 AM

Developer Lionhead Studios today released a video detailing one of their cancelled incubation projects, titled InkQuest.

Lionhead’s incubation studio was founded a year ago to allow its developers to experiment with new ideas.

It’s why we do this job in the first place – to find that seed of an idea, that spark, that tiny bit of magic that captures first ourselves, then our friends, then perhaps a whole community.

The aim of the incubation group isn’t so much to complete a game, but to allow new ideas to grow and thrive.

InkQuest was one such idea, beginning life last year during Lionhead’s Creative Day game jam.

Lionhead have said that InkQuest won’t see full production, but has released footage of the prototype to show their behind the scenes development.