Fable Fortune Secures Additional Funding; Kickstarter Campaign Canceled and Closed Beta Coming

June 21, 2016

Flaming Fowl Studios revealed in an update on Fable Fortune’s Kickstarter page that they have secured “additional funding” for the game, and will be shutting down the Kickstarter campaign in order to proceed to the next phase.

Below you can read the whole message explaining the situation.

“Firstly, we would like to thank everyone that has supported our Kickstarter. We’ve been overwhelmed and a little humbled by the support from our community and we’re incredibly excited to be continuing development alongside you all.

Over the last couple of weeks, we have seen hundreds of you accessing the Alpha build of Fable Fortune, constructing fiendish decks to compete against each other and working together to defeat our first co-op boss, Nostro!

It’s difficult to express the feeling of watching someone boot up and play your game for the first time, but it’s somewhere between heady excitement and utter dread. We’ve spent nearly two years making Fable Fortune so, understandably, we’re not in the best position to be truly objective about it. We knew we had to create something awesome, something that added exciting twists to the CCG genre and something that was completely true to the legacy of Fable, but it wasn’t until the game was in your hands that we were sure we’d succeeded. Everyone who has taken an interest in the campaign deserves a heartfelt and honest thank you for making this such a positive, constructive, and downright entertaining experience.

It’s in this spirit that today we can share some amazing news with you. Thanks to your enthusiasm and support, we are happy to announce that we’ve successfully secured additional development funding! This, alongside our ongoing personal investment, will mean that we can continue to improve the game and allow even more of you to start playing.

With the immediate future of Fable Fortune now secure, we have taken the decision to end our Kickstarter campaign early to focus on releasing a Closed Beta build as quickly as possible. As we’ve always stated, we want to make this game with your help, your feedback and your input. We have huge plans for Fortune and we know that whatever happens in the future, it all started with our already incredible community.

Although we will now be concentrating on the Closed Beta, the Alpha build will remain available during this period and we’ll be looking to deliver a balance update in the very near future. Additionally, in return for your fantastic support, we will be providing all Kickstarter backers with access to the Alpha build and will then migrate ALL players over to our Closed Beta! This means that our backers will continue to be the very first players to get their hands on the latest content and features.

Thanks to your support and the positive reviews from our current players, we know we have something special on our hands and want to enable as many people as possible to experience Fable Fortune over the coming weeks and months. Ultimately, we believe following this path is the best way to achieve this goal.”

Flaming Fowl Studios did not say where the additional funding for the game came from. All backers will get access to both the alpha and closed beta builds of the game.

Fable Fortune will enter closed beta this year, and the developers hope to release it sometime in 2017 for PC and Xbox One.

Before the Kickstarter campaign was canceled, it raised £58,852 from 1,536 backers.

Tomas Franzese

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