Fable Or Gears Of War Remaster Rumored To Be In Works

January 24, 2022

Fable and Gears of War are two of Microsoft’s most successful franchises, and it seems like it is now gearing up to launch a remaster for fans out there if rumors are to be believed.

We do know for a fact that a new Fable game is in development, and it was announced a while back. A lot of the game has been a mystery since we haven’t seen anything much apart from the initial reveal. It was expected that the game will be revealed during E3 2021, however, the rumors turned out to be false and we didn’t see it.

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Recently we witnessed the developers of Fable hiring a Lead Writer for the project. This possibly hinted towards the fact that the game was still a while away from being released. As fans are waiting for the release of Fable 4, there is some interesting news that has surfaced today.

Fable Or Gears Of War Remaster Rumored To Be In Works

In one of the recent videos, Shpeshal_Nick of Xbox Era Podcast, states that Microsoft could be working on something interesting. He states that Microsoft could be giving the Master Chief Collection treatment to another franchise, and he states that he cannot name the franchise at the moment.

He goes on to say that there is no timeline about the release date yet. He says that the game could come out this year or next year, but there is a big probability that it will be coming out next year. The franchise in question could be Fable or Gears of War. Now, this could seem like a pretty vague rumor, Tom Warren of Verge commented on a tweet stating that “gears are really turning on this rumor.” This possibly hints that Gears of War could be the one getting the remaster.

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