Fable III Intro Video is Full of Fowl

on August 4, 2010 2:02 PM

The latest Fable III video introduces the rebellious theme set to take the game over for some interesting RPG plot concepts. It also happens to be full of cock, foul, chicken, rooster, whatever you call these birds with the flaps on their necks. This is an intro video from Lionhead for the Xbox 360 exclusive set to drop October 29th. See the game’s opening cinematic now above, “from the eyes of a chicken as he makes the ultimate gamble for freedom”. I think it is safe to say that this franchise’s humor has taken center stage in this clip. Don’t forget, if you want to pre-order the game you will be able to create your own villager (see here) who will appear in the game with a customized quest and 1,000 gold for your character.

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