Fable III Patch Incoming

Fable III Patch Incoming


A new patch is coming for the Xbox 360 exclusive RPG Fable III, which has been getting mixed reception. Information on this patch came by way of the Lionhead development blog and will supposedly address a number of issues found in the large world of the game.

The post from the blog is pasted below:

Fans will see some positive changes to the “Fable III” gameplay via a Title Update. Lionhead Studios has been hard at work addressing gameplay issues in the massive world of Fable III. In addition, a new voice over pack will be released for some regions, adding even more polish to the adventure. Title update fixes will address the following and more:

  • General gameplay progression and spawning issues
  • Sanctuary map and audio functionality
  • Isolated corrupted game saves

Hopefully these changes will present players with a more enjoyable Fable experience. I haven’t played the game yet, but nobody likes an inconsistent frame rate. Stay posted for more information on the patch when the team reveals it.

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