Fable III Teaser Trailer

on August 21, 2009 9:00 AM

With the news of Fable III coming hot off the presses we were sure to be given a quick taste of what to expect and the folks over at Lionhead Studios were happy to oblige. Here is a glimpse, a very quick glimpse, perhaps more of a voice-over than anything really. We hear the narrator speak of making moral decisions and becoming a just king, which fits in perfectly with the last two installments of Fable. The teaser shows no gameplay or action to speak of, but instead just gives a peak at a crown with a young child moving closer to it.

I have to admit that I am excited to see this game, but I do hope they fix some of the things that fell short in the last game. Most importantly the length of the game and the ability to explore and create different paths.

What do you think, just a teaser or damn good time?

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