Fable Legends to Have Huge Presence at E3

Fable Legends to Have Huge Presence at E3

John Needham, studio head and boss of Microsoft’s European publishing team, has stated that Fable Legends will have a big presence at E3. Fable Legends, Lionhead’s co-op spin-off, may also be “one of the most beautiful games on the platform right now.”

Fable achieved more attention when Fable Anniversary was released on Xbox 360, catering to the original fans of the quirky series. Needham stated, “Anniversary was also just a great level-setter for Legends, the next big Fable game that we’re building at Lionhead. Because it’s got to be a Fable game. The first three Fable games – we’ve got to bring a lot of that charm into Fable Legends. So going through that process was really good for the team, I think, to revisit the original title.”

Fable Legends is a co-op title that allows up to four players to return to the world of Albion, allowing them to find quests and stories to accomplish. Or, players can choose to be villains and obtain control of the numerous creatures, traps, and minions and force Heroes to overcome their obstacles.

“It’s a really exciting title, really fun already,” Needham continued, “It’s gorgeous- we’re building it with Unreal Engine 4, and that combined with the Xbox One, I think we’re building one of the most beautiful games on the platform right now.”

In addition to Fable Legends, Lionhead is known to have at least one more game in production that isn’t Fable. There could be a possibility of another Fable title as well– either an Xbox One version of Fable Anniversary or perhaps even Fable 4.

Needham stated, “This September we’re going to celebrate our ten year anniversary, with the franchise, so we’ll have some more announcements around that.”