Fable Studio Lionhead Sets Aside Small Team to Build “Next IP”

Fable Studio Lionhead Sets Aside Small Team to Build “Next IP”

Fable developer Lionhead has an 8 person team already working on the studio’s next game, a new IP.

Speaking to Eurogamer Germany, studio head John Needham said that the team, run by creative director Gary Carr is already fleshing out new designs.

They’re working on a couple of new prototypes for completely different games – not Fable related. They’ll also be working on new games we can put within Fable Legends as well.

The aim with development is to get the community on board and consider feedback, Needham has said.

We will have a process internally where we take that feedback seriously and we build our priorities on the game our community wants and their feedback. And we get into an iteration loop where our community feels like they’re actively in development of the product.

It’s something MMOs do pretty well these days and we’re going to adopt that even though we’re not doing MMOs. We’re going to be a very community focused studio going forward

With this community focus in mind, Lionhead is looking to announce their new game at an early opportunity.

We’ll hopefully this next year have something exciting to talk about.