Fable Job Listings Seem to Indicate That Release is Still Far Off

Fable doesn't seem poised to launch on Xbox Series X or PC any time soon based on current openings at Playground Games.

August 11, 2020

At long last, Microsoft revealed a few weeks back that the reboot of the Fable franchise is officially in the works at Playground Games. While the project has been rumored for years at this point, this was the first revelation directly from the publisher that fans would soon be able to return to the world of Albion. However, if you had any inclination that the forthcoming Fable game would be arriving soon, you might want to dash those hopes.

If you take a cursory glance over at Playground’s careers page on the studio’s official website, you’ll see that the developer still looks to be staffing up quite a bit. And not only are there a lot of active positions to be filled on Playground’s Fable team, but the roles that are currently being hired for look to be quite important.


Of the vital jobs that are currently open, Playground is still looking to add a Lead Audio Engineer, Lead AI Engineer, Lead Game Designer, Animation Director, and a Lead Scriptwriter to the team. These positions are just a few of the nearly 40 that are currently available at Playground right this moment.

With this in mind, what does it mean for the development of Fable? Well, it sounds as though the game is still pretty early into production. The fact that so many key roles like the ones previously mentioned are still up for grabs shows that Fable is still in all likelihood not going to release for a few more years at this point. Perhaps that shouldn’t come as a surprise given that all we’ve seen of the title so far is a very brief teaser trailer that features no in-game footage, but it’s still worth pointing out all the same. While this is purely just speculation on my part, 2022 seems like the earliest window in which Fable would be likely to release.

For now, all we really know about Fable is that it’s set to release on Xbox Series X and PC. Once Microsoft’s next-gen console launches later this November, perhaps we’ll start seeing more of what Playground has up its sleeve for this beloved RPG series.

Logan Moore

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