Facebook Has Quietly Started Deleting Previously Uploaded Pictures and Videos from PS4

Facebook Has Quietly Started Deleting Previously Uploaded Pictures and Videos from PS4

Facebook seems to have eliminated the cache of old PS4 screenshots and videos that many users may have uploaded to the social media website in the past.

Over a year ago, Sony abruptly announced that it would be removing Facebook integration from the PS4 meaning that users would no longer be able to upload screenshots or video clips to the social media platform. While Sony didn’t explicitly say why the move was being made, the decision came about in the wake of new details being shared related to how Facebook gathered user information. Even though the two companies haven’t since reconciled, it seems as though the situation has now gone on to become a bit more strange, even if most folks haven’t noticed it.

First spotted by some PS4 owners over on Reddit, it looks as though Facebook has slowly started to wipe out any previously uploaded screenshots and gameplay clips that users may have uploaded in the past. Even though new pieces of media haven’t been able to be uploaded since late 2019, anything that may have been posted to the platform prior to that time now looks to be completely gone.

While it’s uncertain if this is a move that is affecting everyone who ever used the Facebook sharing function, we can verify that multiple members of our team here at DualShockers have found this to be true as well. Personally speaking, I used to use Facebook to share photos quite a lot. When I took a glance at my profile this morning to see if any of those screenshots were still there, I was left with nothing. It’s as if those screenshots and videos were never even was there to begin with.

Did Facebook delete anyone else’s PS4 Videos and Photos? from r/PS4

The thing that’s important to note here, however, is that it’s still uncertain who might be at fault for this development. Is this a decision that Facebook made on its own, or did Sony request that this be enacted? For now, there is no indication either way, but we’re going to be looking into this story a bit more. If any further developments come about, we’ll keep you posted.

Thanks to Mike for the tip on this story.