Facebook Expanding Livestreaming Features to Gaming and More on PCs

Facebook Expanding Livestreaming Features to Gaming and More on PCs

New features are coming to Facebook Live that expands the service to livestreaming from PCs, putting it in direct competition with Twitch and YouTube.

In the current generation of games, livestreaming and sharing features have been an integral part of gaming across consoles and PC thanks to YouTube and Twitch, while Facebook appears to be the next service looking to enter the livestreaming arena through its Facebook Live platform.

The company announced today that it will begin integrating its livestreaming platform to all users on PCs, laptops, and other devices, which will also include heavy support for features such as streaming video game footage and gameplay.

The new support on Facebook Live officially goes live today for all users and can be accessed within the service with the “Live Video” option. Alongside the built-in streaming features, the company also detailed that these updates to the service will include “a new feature that makes it easy to use streaming software or external hardware” when using Facebook Live, such as webcams, capture cards, or other devices for more advanced streaming setups.

Previously, streaming from desktop PCs or laptops was available but only to users of specific “Pages,” but the new features that the company is rolling out today will allow any user to stream from their personal page on a non-mobile device.

While Facebook Live has been out for over a year on mobile devices, the new features coming from Facebook today seem to be putting the company in more direct competition with other streaming platforms such as Twitch and YouTube, especially when it comes to streaming gameplay and footage.