Facebook Headed to the XMB

on November 12, 2009 9:19 AM

Fresh off the coat tales of Microsoft’s upcoming social networking update, comes Sony’s plans to do the same. Facebook everyones favorite social stalking platform is making it’s way to the XMB. I know some are thinking “wait a minute, I can access it already on the browser”, and while this is true, they are doing one better by making it a native application. This was discovered by Scrawlfx.com, from Sony’s official European site. Upon making the discovery they also found pictures of what looked to be revamped, color customizable PSN gamer cards. With all these little upgrades, does it mean we’re receiving another major update soon? Hopefully that’s the case. Now please excuse me while I sit in the corner and wait for cross game chat. Check out the shots of the XMB additions below.screen-shot-2009-11-12-at-70517-am

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