FacePalm Games Unveils Creepy New Puzzler, Swapper

on March 26, 2013 2:11 PM

Recently revealed, FacePalm Games’ Swapper is an atmospheric 2D puzzler that–similar to other games of its ilk (Braid, Rochard, etc)–tasks players with exploring an abandoned space station using a simple mechanic. This mechanic, though, is what the game is based around: the “Swapper.”

The Swapper is a device that can clone the user and transfer their consciousness between different bodies, a disturbing mechanic that means the protagonist will be using his dead cloned bodies of himself to help get over obstacles, or trade places his clones to get out of danger. FacePalm promises a mind-bending story based on the implications of the game’s mechanics, and a mystery surrounding the abandoned station.

You can see the trailer and some screenshots below to get an idea of what The Swapper will offer. Immediately the critically aclaimed film Moon (starring Sam Rockwell) comes to mind, so it’ll be interesting to see what FacePalm delivers.

Expect The Swapper to release this Spring, to PC and Mac via Steam.


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