Fact: Second Life Brings In $100 Million a Year

By Yaris Gutierrez

August 9, 2011

Here I thought that Second Life was burning in the fiery pits of hell. It’s ashes consumed by stout demonic beings to deprive any sense of its existence, as it calmly withered away from our hippocampus — the part of our brain that holds and forms memories. Second Life, however, is still a thriving piece of software. How do I know this? Well, let’s just say that it generates about $100 million a year in revenue. If that’s not signs of “life” (get it?), I don’t know what is.

According to Launch, Second Life rakes in a whopping $7 million a month. That, my friends, is a hefty amount of socially awkward people coughing up money for online sexy time. What makes this more interesting is that Linden Labs, the parent company, says that they’ve cleared $75 million each year for the last three years. That sexy time I was just talking about? Welp, you’ll be intrigued to know that 15 percent of that money they’re making comes from sex-related services. That, my friends, is a lot of virtual vaginas. I don’t even want to imagine the person playing it masturbating using maple syrup as lube (you know, because these are the people I generally ridicule who dip Eggo waffles in tin buckets of syrup while they eat their sadness away while playing games).

The rest of the money that isn’t made from virtual porking comes from land sales and commission from a plethora of virtual items. $100 million a year off of selling sex and exploiting people. Sounds like Las Vegas to me.

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