Factorio Officially Leaves Beta With 1.0 Release

Factorio Officially Leaves Beta With 1.0 Release

After eight years of development, Factorio has released with one more update that includes a bonus treat for players

After eight and a half years, Factorio, the game about building a city-sized automated factory complete with conveyor belts, hydraulic arms and flying robots, has officially left beta and launched.

To celebrate its official launch, Factorio‘s developers, Wube Software, released a new trailer going over the process of the game’s development. Calling the game’s original trailer “kind of timeless” in a blog post, it’s also been updated to fit the game’s latest version.

The same blog post, titled Friday Facts, also revealed what players can expect from this release of the game besides a version number starting with one. Although Factorio squeezed a bunch of new content out during its time in version 0.18, including nukes, alien decorations and polluted water, one last-minute bonus was added in the 1.0 version for players. Without naming it, the blog post describes a new vehicle added to the game that acts as a multi-tool. This new ride comes with remote control capabilities, can be driven on land and water and has a built-in radar and equipment grid. If you’re still asking for more, the thing also comes with four automatic rapid-fire rocket launchers, because why not?

Of course, celebrations aren’t going to last that long. The 1.0 release of any game doesn’t mark the end of development but rather a second beginning – new players will now be expecting new updates to the game. Any huge updates for are going to be put on hold however, as plans for Factorio‘s 1.1 version will focus mainly on resolving bugs and shrinking a list of internal tasks.

Factorio is currently available on steam for $30.00.