Kickstarter For Action-Adventure RPG Faeland Now Live

Kickstarter For Action-Adventure RPG Faeland Now Live

Indie studio Talegames announced that its Kickstarter for its game Faeland is now live and will launch for PC, Mac, and Linux if fully funded.

Today, Talegames revealed that its Kickstarter for its upcoming game Faeland is now live; a trailer was dropped alongside the announcement giving you a taste of what to expect from the indie studio’s pixelated adventure.

Talegames’ pledge goal for its project is $29,000 by Thursday, May 17, 2018, at 8:10 CDT. The pledge tiers —which range from $1 to $2,000 — vary depending on how much money you put in; a dollar will give you access to the “Game Prototype” build and a “Thank You” on the game’s credits while $30 will grant you everything a dollar did plus a digital download of the game, a “Welcome Kit”, early access to the game, a backer-exclusive weapons, and a digital download of the original soundtrack. As of this writing, Faeland has acquired $5,169 with 158 backers.

Currently, there is only one stretch goal listed for Faeland. If the indie studio can acquire $33,000, a character creator will be added so you can customize your hero’s name, skin color, and hair. While it isn’t listed, the “About” section mentions that console ports for Xbox One, PS4, and Nintendo Switch would be added to that list. The “Stretch Goals” section also states that more will be revealed.

Faeland is an action-adventure RPG inspired by classic 8-bit games where you play as Sam within a fantasy world filled with enemies for you to defeat. You’ll be able to change your equipment to your liking, as well as learn new skills as you explore the game’s open world.

While a specific release date has yet to be revealed, the pledges state that the “expected delivery” of the rewards will be December 2019. The game is currently being developed for PC, Mac, and Linux.