Failbetter Games Announce Next Game in the Fallen London Universe

Failbetter Games Announce Next Game in the Fallen London Universe

Failbetter Games' next project is called Mask of the Rose and it's a romantic visual novel set as a prequel in the Fallen London universe.

Failbetter Games is the team behind Fallen London, Sunless Sea, and Sunless Skies. The team has flourished by constructing well-written narratives and an interesting world to explore. Now, they’re diving back into that world one more time with their upcoming romantic visual novel Mask of the Rose. The game will launch a Kickstarter campaign next February, which, given the company’s history, likely means we’re still a year or two away from playing the game. Alongside the announcement, the team also dropped a trailer, which you can check out below.

Failbetter Games is building Mask of the Rose as a prequel to all of their other games. It’s set in 1862, just after London has entered the underground. During your playthrough, you’ll witness the origins of some of the series’ favorite characters and see how things fell into place. Failbetter is billing it as “a more personal story”, which should be tons of fun for fans to explore.

It’s worth noting that Mask of the Rose isn’t the only game Failbetter Games has in the works. Obviously, the prequel is the big news, but they did mention that they have a second project cooking. All they said about it is that the mechanics are very different from their other works and that it’s set in a new setting. Considering they’ve mostly been working in the Fallen London universe for 11 years, that’s exciting news.

Make sure to stay tuned for more news about Mask of the Rose‘s Kickstarter campaign. It’s set to launch next February, so expect to hear more about it early in the new year. Until then, be sure to check out some of the other games in the franchise to get yourself prepared.