Who's Fairouz Ai The New VA of Jolyne? JoJo Stone Ocean Anime Revealed At 0404 Inherited Soul Stream

The JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure the Animation Special Event ~ Joestar Inherited Soul ~ event on April 4 Sunday revealed that Part 6 of the manga, Stone Ocean, is getting a new anime adaptation, with Ai Fairouz voicing Jolyne.

JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure Stone Ocean anime reveal trailer

The teaser retraces all past JoJo anime adaptations since the TV anime reboot by David Production. And then reveals the Part 6 anime.

Who is Fairouz Ai, the new VA for Jolyne?

Ai Fairouz is a relatively new seiyuu, but who rose to stardom amazingly fast thanks to her incredible voice and refreshing personality. In fact, she’s a huge JoJo fan herself, and it’s why she became a voice actress in the first place.

Comments from Fairouz Ai were shared on the JoJo Japanese official site: We translated them below:

Fairouz Ai: JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure is what pushed me to become a seiyuu. My life wouldn’t have been the same without JoJo. When I heard I got the role, it was “Shocking enough to send me and my Stand to the moon” (one of Josuke’s lines) . I was so happy the dream I was chasing for 12 years became reality. I couldn’t stop crying. In my school years, I got a lot of courage from Jolyne, how strong and beautiful she is. Words aren’t enough to describe how happy I am to voice someone I always admired like that. Cujoh Jolyne is the bravest, most beautiful, strong, and affectionate person I’ve ever met. I never stopped admiring her in 12 years. I’m happy I can live a Bizarre Adventure with her. I will put my soul into voicing her.”

She made her first main role debut voicing Hibiki Sakura, the protagonist of How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift.

Fairouz Ai also voiced in 2020 Emily Orange, or the “blonde girl with a big chest” to quote herself, in Kandagawa Jet Girls. She was in both the anime and game, which are both good for their storylines. the game’s jet racing gameplay is incredibly lacking however, in my opinion.

Fairouz Ai also voice Alice Peperoncino in Kiratto Pri chan, part of the Pretty Series. She’s also Takechiyo in Inuyahsa sequel anime Yashahime. and voiced Eripiyo, the main character of If My Favorite Pop Idol Made it to the Budokan, I Would Die, among other roles.

Lat but not least, right now, Fairouz Ai is one of the most popular seiyuu in Japan. Thanks to voicing Manatsu Natsuumi / Cure Summer, the protagonist of Tropical-Rouge! Precure. Everyone is talking about her on Japanese Twitter whenever a new Tropical Rouge Purikya episode airs on Sunday mornings.

Miyuki Sawashiro, one of the most popular seiyuu of all time, was previously voicing Jolyne Cujoh in the Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure games : All Star Battle, and Eyes of Heaven.

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