Fairy Tail RPG Uses a Five Members Party System, Grid System in Battle

The upcoming Fairy Tail RPG by Gust has unsurprisingly numerous similarities with the Atelier Series.

Koei Tecmo revealed gameplay for the English localized version of its upcoming PS4, Switch and PC Fairy Tail RPG at EGX 2019. The live gameplay sequence is around 18 minutes long and tells us more about the game. Check it out at the timestamp linked below:

Here’s a quick analysis and some interesting points we learned through this live gameplay:

Fairy Tail’s story is divided into multiple chapters, and each chapter is divided into episodes. This Fairy Tail RPG is developed by Gust, and this way of doing things is often seen in the Atelier series. Mirajane is basically the quest giver, taking care of the quest board in the guild. So she’s probably not playable, at the very least not at the beginning of the game.

You can gather items on the field to craft or upgrade the characters’ magic and equipment. It’s similar to how you’d gather materials in an Atelier game. The crafting system is still in development though, so they didn’t show it.

Just like in Atelier games, there’s no world map field, but a world map menu, where you can select your next destination.

If you attack enemies on the field first, you’ll get a “Chance” ahead start in battle.

The game’s battle system has affinities. Both your characters and enemies are strong or weak against certain types of magic. Each magic in battle has a different range. The monsters are organized on a 3×3 grid. They don’t move around on that grid and stay in the same position during the whole battle. So using the right magic skills will allow you to hit multiple monsters depending on their placement.  Some of the Atelier games also have a similar system.

Defeating enemies restores some of your MP. Winning even simple random battles also contributes to your characters’ guild rank. The stats are pretty straightforward, and leveling up can also unlock new magic.

As you keep fighting, your ultimate meter fills. It let you chain all your party member’s skills while hitting the whole grid of enemies. You can either keep chaining magics or finish the combo on a certain character’s finisher.

The latest Fairy Tail screenshots revealed Juvia and Gajeel as playable party members. You can check the first trailer and read more details here.

Fairy Tail will launch on PC, PS4 and Switch in 2020. Game Producer Keisuke Kikuchi recently mentioned he’s aware some Fairy Tail fans want the game on Xbox One as well.

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