Fairy Tail RPG New Trailer, Screenshots Reveal Duels, Guild Level

Koei Tecmo, Gust shared new details on Fairy Tail RPG including duels, the guild upgrade system, and character profiles for the Guest Characters.

Koei Tecmo and Gust published new information and screenshots for Fairy Tail RPG. We mot notably got introduced to some of the Guest Characters in the game. While not being fully playable party members, Guest Characters can use some powerful magic with varying effects to help you out. Detailed profiles and screenshots for each Guest Character introduced were also shared in the Japanese press release, and we’ve included everything below. Many new details regarding some of the game systems were revealed as well, including a pretty cool-looking duel system. But first off here’s the guest characters trailer.

Here are the profiles:

Ultear Milkovic, voiced by Miyuki Sawashiro.

Ultear is from the Crime Sorcière guild and the user of Arc of Time, one of the Lost Magic. She’s the daughter of Ur, who was Gray’s teacher. In the past she was a member of the Dark Guild Grimoire Heart, pursuing their goals to revive Zeref. After her battle against Gray at Tenrou Island, Ultear reformed. That’s when she started the Crime Sorcière guild with Jellal and Meredy, and started fighting Dark Guilds.

Ultear using Arc of Time to enhance Natsu and co’s magic so they can use their Second Origin before the Grand Magic Games arc.

Incidentally, Koei Tecmo also shared these screenshots of Ultear on Twitter a few weeks ago, comparing her anime design sheet to her 3D model in-game.

Lyon Vastia, voiced by Yuki Kaji.

Lyon is an Ice-Make Wizard from the Lamia Scale guild. He specializes in Dynamic Ice-Make, which allows him to create living beings like animals made out of ice. He’s rivals with Gray as they both studied under Ur.

Lyon using Ice-Make: Ape as a Guest Character.

Flare Corona, voiced by Shizuka Ito.

Flare is from the Raven Tail guild and is titled the Burning Hair Wizard for her Crimson Hair magic. She can manipulate her hair at will and use it to fight. She bears a strong hostility towards Lucy (during the Grand Magic Games arc).

Flare using her Hair Shower: Wolf Fang magic. She turns her hair into a wolf who tears down her enemies.

Minerva Orland, voiced by Kikuko Inoue.

Minerva is the strongest member of the Sabertooth Guild. She uses a powerful space-manipulation magic named Territory. Minerva is the daughter of Master Jiemma, the previous leader of Sabertooth, so the other guild members call her “princess”.

Neo Minerva, reborn as a demon, using Yagdo Rigora, one of the Yakuma Eighteen Battle Gods Magic.

Fairy Tail RPG: Guild Level Mechanic Explained

While Natsu and co were absent, the other members of Fairy Tail got a huge debt and were forced to relocate to a run down building  before the game’s story starts. As you play through the game, from Tenrou Island arc to the Grand Magic Games arc and beyond, the guild hall becomes a key meeting point for the guild members to prepare for upcoming quests. Inside the guild, items are available for sale and trade including consumable items, Lacrima, and a multitude of materials at the item shop. There’s even a selection of drinks at the bar that grants various status effects to party members.

As you save up gold, you can purchase upgrades for the guild, enhancing the shop selection and facilities. Here are some examples:

Guild Level 1. The state of the guild when the game starts. Unlike the previous guild hall, the facilities are run-down.

Guild Level 3. Corresponds to the guild after the Grand Magic Games. You can pick up Requests on the Request Board to increase the guild’s fame.

Guild Level 5. A gorgeous guild hall where all facilities have been upgraded. You can keep upgrading the guild even higher than that!

The item shop and the bar, before and after upgrading. The bar’s drinks will be much more effective after you upgrade it.

Inside the guild, you can challenge characters into one vs one battles. You decide which character to control during the duel. The duels’ difficulty varies depending on the character you challenge, and if you win, you get nice rewards based on the character you dueled. The recommended level is displayed in green when challenging a character to a duel. You can also explore Magnolia and challenge characters who don’t belong to the Fairy Tail guild. This allows you to recreate exciting duel scenarios not from the manga and anime.

You can read more on Fairy Tail RPG by checking out screenshots and details from the latest Famitsu interview with game producer Keisuke Kikuchi. Hiro Mashima also shared some high words of praise towards Yakuza: Like a Dragon shortly after the game’s Japanese release.

Fairy Tail is scheduled to launch on June 26 on Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4, and PC via Steam. You can preorder it on Amazon to support us. The game will launch one day earlier in Japan and also has a physical limited edition there with an Erza + Lucy + Wendy swimsuit poster. You can check it out here along with some OST samples. Due to Coornavirus lockdown, most studios in Japan as well switched to work from home, drastically reducing work speed in most cases. But I don’t think Fairy Tail could get delayed, if you’re worried about that. The game also already got its Cero rating, it’s Cero B.

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