Fairy Tail RPG Has a 30 Hours Main Story but is Full of Side Content

Fairy Tail RPG Has a 30 Hours Main Story but is Full of Side Content

Fairy Tail RPG lets you change the characters' costumes, has a friendship system, and more.

Update: The information is from this month’s Dengeki PlayStation, not from Famitsu Magazine, my bad.

In this month’s Dengeki PlayStation magazine, Koei Tecmo and Gust revealed new details on the upcoming PS4, Switch and Steam Fairy Tail RPG. These details are from early leaks of the magazine, so keep in mind we might update this article with additional details when the magazine is available in a few hours. I admit this is unlikely though, seeing I’m not too much into Fairy Tail. Plus, I would rather spend that precious time reading the Famitsu interview with Super Robot Wars and G Gene‘s producers.

Anyway, here’s what we learned through the usual leaks. First, Fairy Tail‘s main story will take around 30 hours to complete, but it’ll have a lot of side-content. Each playable character has their own side stories, and there are multiple optional quests as well. As you level up your guild rank by completing quests, you’ll also unlock more magic to be used. You can also upgrade the guild’s facilities by completing the townpeople’s requests.

What was stated at Tokyo Game Show 2019 was reconfirmed: While only Wendy, Lucy, Natsu, Gray, and Erza were shown as playable characters for now, the final game will have over ten playable characters in total. The game’s story will have the battle against Hades on Tenro island as a prologue, and the first half of the game’s story will focus on the Grand Magic Games arc. The game will also have brand new story parts focusing on characters who didn’t get much screentime in the anime and manga.

Next, we also learned how we’ll be able to change the costumes of the characters. And how the staff is still considering whether to make DLC for the game or not.

The game also has a friendship system, with friendship levels between character increasing if you use they frequently in a party together. Fairy Tail‘s RPG will also have multiple non-playable characters who can either help as support in battle, or who will take care of the facilities of the town and the guild.

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Fairy Tail was announced to be at 50% development rate at TGS 2019. The game is scheduled to launch sometime in 2020. More info on the game will be published in October.