Fairy Tail RPG Introduces New Party Members and Character-Specific Systems, New Stream Announced (UPDATED)

Fairy Tail RPG will let you use Ichiya, Sting, Rogue, Sherria, and Kagura. Each character also has unique abilities with varying conditions to trigger them.

November 21, 2019

Fairy Tail RPG still has no release date, but we’re learning slightly more about the game as we near 2020. This game adaptation of Hiro Mashima’s most popular manga is pretty promising, and Gust and Koei Tecmo are definitely striving to bring a worthwhile experience for the fans.

This was once more demonstrated as we learned via this week’s Famitsu Magazine even more playable characters will be in the game. Sting Eucliffe, Rogue Cheney, Sherria Blendy and Kagura Mikazuki were all confirmed as usable party members. They appeared in the previous trailer so the fact that we’ll be able to add them to our party isn’t too surprising. What’s slightly more surprising though, is how Ichiya Vandalei Kotobuki was also confirmed to be playable. Ichiya is voiced by Sho Hayami, one of the coolest seiyuu of all time, which is interesting seeing Ichiya is one of the most comedic characters in Fairy Tail.


We also learned that certain characters will have unique abilities usable in battle. For example, certain characters like Natsu can use a Mode Change during a battle to strengthen themselves. Meanwhile, characters like Erza has an ability which makes them get a huge stat boost after they received a certain amount of damage.

We recently interviewed Fairy Tail‘s producer Keisuke Kikuchi, who most notably answered our questions about the game’s balance.

Koei Tecmo recently showed Fairy Tail‘s first live gameplay, revealing the game is pretty similar to the Atelier series. Overall, it’s closer to Atelier Lulua and previous Atelier games than Atelier Ryza, which is pretty different.

Fairy Tail will be out in 2020 for PS4, Switch and PC via Steam.

Update: Koei Tecmo announced a live stream for Fairy Tail RPG will be happening on November 30 at 20:00 JST. (Click here for time conversions). The stream will feature Wendy’s seiyuu Satomi Sato and Gajeel’s seiyuu Wataru Hatano. You can access the stream’s YouTube page here. We’ll be translating the most important parts of the stream as always.

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