Fairy Tail RPG Producer Keisuke Kikuchi Comments on Possible DLCs, Hiro Mashima's Feedback on Development

Hiro Mashima often gives his opinion on Fairy Tail RPG to help with development, not as the original author but as a simple gamer.

Our comrades at French outlet Actu Gaming recently had an interview with Keisuke Kikuchi at Paris Games Week 2019. Kikuchi revealed certain details on the upcoming Fairy Tail RPG developed by Gust. We’ve translated below the most interesting parts of the interview.

Actu Gaming asked Keisuke Kikuchi if other arcs of the Fairy Tail manga might get added via DLCs. Kikuchi answered that these arcs could be adapted in possible future games. For the moment, the main idea is that if there are DLCs, it’ll focus on adding bonus elements. And in the future, the DLCs might add bonus stories.

Kikuchi also mentioned that during the Grand Magic Games Arc, players won’t be forced into a succession of battles.

Kikuchi also mentioned how he regularly chats with Hiro Mashima, and how Mashima was very “open” with Gust adding new elements, as long as it stayed within the spirit of Fairy Tail. Needless to say, Hiro Mashima also participated in the discussion to decide which characters would appear in the game.

Lastly, seeing Mashima is a passionate gamer himself, he often chats with Kikuchi and the Fairy Tail RPG development team to share his opinion. Not as Fairy Tail‘s author, but as a simple player.

Here’s some Fairy Tail gameplay, showing the game is pretty similar to the Atelier series. Overall, it’s closer to Atelier games released before Atelier Ryza, which is pretty different. You can find the latest Fairy Tail trailer and details here. and the latest screenshots here. Lastly, here are additional details including the game’s length.

Fairy Tail will be launching in 2020 on PC, PS4, and Switch. Koei Tecmo is aware there’s a demand for an Xbox One release as well.

In the same Actu Gaming interview, Keisuke Kikuchi mentioned Gust is working on four different projects right now besides Fairy Tail.

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