Fairytale Fights DLC Tomorrow

Fairytale Fights DLC Tomorrow

The bloody ‘hack-n slash’ game Fairytale Fights will be expanded tomorrow by Playlogic Entertainment’s Treasure Pack 1.  The additions look sure to have any hack-n slash fan dying to play this.  On PlayStation Network you will be able to download this tomorrow, since it is the first download pack there is a possibility it might even be free!  The pack includes 4 new characters to mix up the game who are playable in story mode as well as the 3 new player-vs-player arenas that are included in this DLC.  Xbox Live users will be able to pick this up later but for now there is no solid Market Place release date.  For complete listing of the characters and areas see below:


·        Bones: a two foot tall calcium lover

·        Princess Afia: the mysterious princessfrom a sparkly land far far away

·        Grandma Red: Little Red Riding Hood’s grandma

·        Puss in Boots: everyone’s favorite feline


·        Time to Die

·        Rooftop Rumble

·        Cannon Ball Bay