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What do you get when you mix one third Little Big Planet, one third Fat Princess, and one third the mind of the fucked up red headed kid from Problem Child movies? Playlogic’s FairyTale Fights, that’s what. In this hack ‘n’ slash platform adventure you have to fight your way through a Fairytale Kingom in search of fair maidens to rescue. Where’s this kingdom located, you ask? Far far away of course. Throughout your journey you’ll be playing as one of your favorite childhood fairytale characters. I’m personally riding with the Gingerbread Man for his gangsta performance in the Shrek Trilogy. With over 100 weapons at your disposal, this game is sure to provide plenty of variation and re-play value. Graphically it’s sporting the Unreal Engine 3, but with way more color and pop than you’ve seen on the engine before. If this premise hasn’t peak your interest yet, you have to hit the jump to check out the trailer if you want to be a believer.

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